No. 5/4/2005-CS.II

Government of India

Ministry of Personnel, P.G. & Pension

(Department of Personnel & Training)

      Lok Nayak  Bhavan, Khan Market, New Delhi-3.


Dated the 26-8-2005.

Office Memorandum


Subject: - Fixation of range of seniority for promotion from Grade ‘D’ to Grade ‘C’ of CSSS- Select List for the year, 2002 & 2003.



The undersigned is directed to say that nominations of surplus officials in the Central Panel to the extent of Seniority Quota vacancies available for Select List 2000 & 2001 have already been made vide this Deptt's O.M.No.5/10/2002 -CS.II dated 12.01.2005.


2.         On the basis of the information furnished by the cadre authorities regarding the number of vacancies in Seniority Quota of Grade ‘C’ for Select List Years, 2002 & 2003, it has been decided that the ‘Range of Seniority’ for promotion to Stenographer Grade ‘C’ of Central Secretariat Stenographers’ Service for the Select List Years, 2002 & 2003 will be as indicated below:-

‘Range of Seniority’ for making additions to the Select List for the years 2002 & 2003 of Stenographer Grade ‘C’ of the CSSS through the Seniority Quota:-


(a)      For General Category vacancies: - All unabsorbed Steno Grade ‘D’  of  earlier zones up-to rank No.875 of Steno Grade 'D' Examination, 1981  held on 26 .4.1981.


(b)     For SC Categories vacancies: -       All Grade Steno Grade ‘D’  who have completed 5   years’  ‘Approved Service’ as on 1.7.98.


(c)       For ST categories vacancies:       All unabsorbed Steno Grade 'D' who have completed 5 years’ ‘Approved Service’ as on 1.7.2002 for Select List 2002 & 1.7.2003 for SL, 2003.


3.                     The Ministry of Finance etc., may please incorporate the names of their eligible and approved Stenographers Grade ‘D’ covered within the ‘range of seniority’ specified above, first in Select List 2002 and thereafter in SL 2003 of Steno Grade ‘C’ in their respective CSSS Cadre on the basis of seniority subject to the rejection of the unfit as provided in the Central Secretariat Stenographers Service Rules, 1969, as amended from time to time. All unfilled vacancies of Select List 2002 may be carried forward and indicated along with the vacancies of 2003 and information in this regard may be sent in Annexure I.  If eligible persons are not available within the cadre, the nomination of persons from the Central Panel  of  SL,2003 will be made by this Department on the basis of information to be  furnished in Annexure I. A copy of the Select List may be forwarded to this Department in due course of time.


4.                     In order to enable this Department to maintain a panel of eligible Steno Grade 'D' for nomination to different cadres, it is requested that particulars of all the officers, who are within the range of zone of promotion specified above and are considered suitable for promotion by the DPC for inclusion in the Select List of Grade ‘C’ of CSSS for the years’ 2002 and 2003 but cannot be included in their own cadres for want of vacancies, may please be forwarded to this Department in the enclosed proforma (Annexure-II) as early as possible and in any case not later that the 24th  October, 2005. .    


5.                            The date from which promotions to Stenographers' Grade ‘C’ are to be made effective may be determined in terms of the instructions contained in para 17.11 of this Department’s O.M.No.22011/5/86-Estt.(D) dated 10.4.89.


6.                        The promotion on transfer of officers within the prescribed zone will be governed by the principles laid down in para 7 of Ministry of Home Affairs O.M.No.10/3/69-CS.II dated 2.5.70  read with O.M.No.1/2/88-CS.I dated 10.1.89 which are reiterated below:-


            “Persons within the zone fixed by the Department of Personnel and AR who are transferred to other cadres for purpose of inclusion in the Select List would be treated as on permanent transfer to the recipient cadres but would continue to remain in their parent cadres in the Stenographer Grade ‘D’ of CSSS until they successfully complete their period of trial. Only those who are to be promoted in accordance with the zoning scheme and for whom there are no available vacancies in their own cadres will be transferred to the new cadres.”


7.                        Attention is also invited to this Department’s O.M.No.16/1/79-CS.I dated 3.9.83 in which it has been stated that if an officer included in the Select List and nominated to some other cadre does not move out within 45 days with effect from the date of issue of nomination orders, he shall be debarred for promotion for 3 years. This may please be specifically brought to the notice of all concerned. This will, however, not apply to the officers, who are going to retire within the next two years with effect from the date of issue of nomination orders.





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Annexure-I to the DOPT’s O.M.No.5/4/2005-CS.II dated 26.8.2005



Name of the Cadre:_______________________



Statement showing the vacancies position for the Select List year 2002 and 2003 in the Steno  Grade of ‘C’ of CSSS.


Select List Year

Number of Seniority Quota vacancies reported to DOPT


Number of Officials appointed against SQ

Number of unfilled vacancies after adjusting the SQ officials in the cadre for SL 2002

(ALL Unfilled vacancies of 2002 and 2003 may be shown against SL 2003)


















































NAME (                                )

Annexure –II to DOPT’s OM No.5/4/2005-CS.II dated 26.8.2005


Name of Cadre: _________________________



Particulars of Grade ‘D’ Stenographers who are within the Zone of Promotion for the inclusion in the Select List of Steno Grade 'C' against 2002 & 2003 vacancies but who have not been included in the SL in their own cadre due to lack of sufficient vacancies who are to be nominated by this department from  Central Panel  to other cadres for inclusion in the SL for the year 2003.


S. No.

Name of official in order  of Seniority

Rank in Steno  Grade D Open or LDCE and Year of  Exam/ Year of SL/Date of regular appointment in Steno Grade ‘D’


Whether member of SC/ ST

Whether considered suitable for inclusion in SL 2002 or 2003 and assessed by the DPC as fit for promotion to Grade ‘C’

Whether clear from vigilance angle.

Yes or No
















Note  1 :  Names of persons should be arranged in order of seniority in Steno Grade ‘D’ in the cadre as a whole.