DoP&T O.M. No: 8/5/85-CS.II Dated 6th August, 1991


Scale of personal staff of Ministers/Deputy Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries - creation of posts in excess of the prescribed scale.

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department's O.M. of even number dated 4-4-85 on the subject mentioned above and to say that Ministries/Departments of the Government or India have been authorised to create on the personal staff of a Minister admissible posts of various grades as shown in the statement enclosed with the said O.M. and that any post in excess of the prescribed scale can be sanctioned only with the prior approval of the Min. of Finance and this Department.

2. While examining the proposals received for creation of additional posts on the personal staff of Ministers, it is generally kept in view, inter-alia, that matching savings from within the entitlement of personal staff of the concerned Minister are available. It is observed that while making proposals for creation of additional posts in the personal staff of Ministers the administrative Ministry/Department generally surrenders some posts, particularly, lower level posts admissible in the personal staff for the purpose of matching savings. To make up the deficiency, Ministry/Department provide staff from their main establishment to the Ministers' personal staff. This affects the work of the main establishment in the Ministry/Department. In the meetings of the Departmental Council the Staff Side has also resented to this practice being followed by the Ministries/Departments.

It is further observed that the post of Asst. P.S. /First P.A./Second P.A. is included in the relevant grade of Stenographers Service. The Ministers, however, have the discretion to appoint non-cadre officers against these posts. When these posts are held by non-cadre officers, equivalent number of supernumerary posts are required to be created as per the provisions of the relevant rule, to protect the interests of the members of the Stenographers Service. This course of action is not possible as sometimes posts of Stenographers are surrendered in the process of finding matching savings for creation of additional posts at higher levels. Consequently, it is not possible to ensure promotion against such posts and such action (surrender of the said posts) affects adversely the interests of the Stenographers Service.

3. For the reasons stated above, the Min. of Agriculture & Cooperation etc. are requested to ensure that no additional staff, even on informal basis, should be drawn from the main establishment Ministry/Department for performing duties of the posts on the personal staff of the Ministers. It is further requested that lower level posts including the posts meant for Stenographers Service may not be surrendered for matching savings for creation of additional posts in excess of the entitlement.