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Dated, June 8, 2004.


Subject: Optimization of direct recruitment to civilian posts clarification regarding.


Ref :

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References have been received by DOPT from some Ministries seeking clarifications regarding preparation of the Annual Direct Recruitment Plan (ADRP). The doubt raised by them pertains to whether the Cadre Controlling Authority (Ministry/Department) should include such vacancies in its own Annual Direct Recruitment Plan, for which it is providing personnel and issuing posting orders (even though the posts are in other Ministries/Department) or should the vacancies, which fall in different Ministries and Department be taken in the Annual Direct Recruitment Plan of the respective Ministries/Departments to which these posts belong and where these vacancies are actually arising.

The matter has been examined in consultation with the Ministry of Finance. It has been decided as under -

(i) The Ministry / Department, on whose cadre the posts are borne should include the posts in the Annual Direct Recruitment Plan (ADRP) prepared by it, for consideration of the appropriate Screening Committee. This will facilitate a de facto appraisal of the workload of these posts by the Ministry / Department, as well as the need to continue/abolish the post (s). It may, however, be added that any decision in the matter may be taken in consultation with the nodal cadre controlling Ministry/Department, wherever considered feasible.

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