Government of India
( Department of Personnel & Training )

New Delhi, the 29th October, 1985.


Subject: JCM – Cases referred to the Board of Arbitration –Expeditious disposal of the cases.


            As required under the Scheme for Joint Consultative Machinery and Compulsory Arbitration for Central Government Employees, items discussed in the Departmental Councils in various Ministries/ Departments as also in the National Council which are arbitrable and on which disagreement is recorded in the Joint Councils are required to be referred to the Board of Arbitration, if so requested by the Staff Side. Such cases are referred to the Ministry of Lanour for onward transmission to the Board of Arbitration through this Department.

2.     The Staff Side of the National Council have for some-time past, been complaining about the delay in the disposal of the arbitration cases by the Board of Arbitration.

3.     The Ministry of Finance etc. are requested that they may keep a watch over the cases relating to their Ministry/Department which have been referred to the Ministry of Labour for arbitration and they may remind Ministry of Labour (Adm.I Section) for expeditious finalisation of the pending cases, through the Board of Arbitration, under intimation to this Department. If necessary, even the Board of Arbitration may be politely and discretely requested for prompt hearing of the cases pending before them. Needless to say, all the Ministries will no doubt arrange for effective and adequate advocacy of Government cases. It should be enjoined upon officers who argue on behalf of the Government that they must prepare the case well in advance with reference to all relevant data, requisite documents and required answers to the possible supplementaries/ questions that may be raised by the Hon’ble members of the Board of Arbitration.

4.     The Ministry of Finance etc. are also requested to prepare a list of such cases on which the Board of Arbitration have not yet completed their hearings till date, and forward the same to this Ministry (JCM Division) and to the Ministry of Labour (Admn.I Section) for getting such cases expedited at the Board level.


Director (JCA)