O.M.No.4/1/82-JCA, dated 8.8.1991


Subject:   Three bush-shirts and three pants for a period of two years to Staff Car Drivers.


        On the basis of a demand raised by the Staff Side representatives in the Departmental Council of Department of Personnel and Training, it was decided that the Staff Car Drivers in Central Secretariat and its attached / subordinate offices be given one additional polyvastra bush-shirt (from 1st April, 1990) in addition to two polyvastra bush-shirts and two terricot pants for a period of two years [ vide: G.I., Deptt. of Per. & Trg., O.M. No.4/1/82-JCA, dated 17-4-1990]. On further consideration, it has now been decided that they may be given one additional pant also. Accordingly, the Staff Car Drivers would now be entitled to three polyvastra bush-shirts (cloth to be supplied by the KVIC and three terricot pants (cloth to be supplied by the NTC), for a period of two years at places classified as "All summer stations" and "Both summer-winter stations".

        This issues with the approval of the Finance Ministry, vide U.O.No. 7(2)-E.II (A)/91, dated 17-7-1991.