O.M.No.14/10/81-JCA, dated 1.8.1981

Subject:   Supply of Salwar, Kameez and Dupatta instead of sarees, blouses and petticoats to female Group `D’ employees.


        The undersigned is directed to say that at present eligible Group `D’ female employees are issued sarees, blouses and petticoats by way of livery. It has been represented to this Department that certain female employees do not wear sarees at all but use salwar, kameez and dupatta as their normal dress. It has accordingly been decided that salwar, kameez and dupatta may be issued to such of the female Group `D’ employees, who may be habitual wearers of such dress in lieu of saree, blouse and petticoat.

2.     It may, however, be ensured that the cost of salwar, kameez and dupatta taken together should not exceed the cost that would have been incurred if saree, blouse and petticoat had been provided. The cloth to be issued for salwar, kameez and dupatta should correspond to the usual type of cloth prescribed for uniforms. The length of the dupatta could be such as is considered normally adequate for the purpose.

3.     This issues with the concurrence of the Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure, U.O.No.1387-E.II(A)/81, dated 6.7.1981.