No. 3/25/69-JCA
Government of India
Ministry of Home Affairs

New Delhi, the 23rd August, 1969



National/Departmental Council - Continuance of membership after retirement from service.-

       The undersigned is directed to invite attention to the note below Clause 7(iv) of the Scheme for Joint Consultative Machinery and Compulsory Arbitration for Central Government Employees, under which Government may permit an ex-employee to be a member of a Joint Council after examining the merits of each individual case.

    2.     A question has arisen whether a representative of a recognized association/union, which was nominated to a joint council while in Government service, can automatically continue to be a member of the council even after his retirement from Government service if the period of three years from the date of his nomination (as provided in clause 8 of the Scheme) has not expired, and the association/union concerned desires him to continue as a member till the expiry of the period of three years.

    3.     This matter has been considered. In view of the note below Clause 7(iv) of the Scheme referred to in paragraph 1 above, the continuance of such a member, who becomes an ex-employee on his retirement, is possible, provided:

  1. the association/union which has nominated the member intimates the Ministry/Department concerned its desire to continue him as a member even after retirement from Government service till the completion of the term of three years; and

  2. the Ministry or Department concerned permits the continuance of such a member after examining the merits of the case.

Under Secy. to the Govt. of India