Government of India

Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training
New Delhi – 110 001


                                       Dated: November 20, 2002   

Office Memorandum

Subject :- Screening Committee meeting in regard to optimisation of direct recruitment to the civilian posts – compliance report.

Attention is invited to the instructions contained in this Department’s OM No.2/8/2001-PIC dated 16.5.2001 & 18.6.2002 and OM No.2/26/2001-PIC dated 11.9.2002 wherein all Ministries / Departments were required to prepare an Annual Direct Recruitment Plan, to regulate the direct recruitment to civilian posts.  This was required to be done through the mechanism of Screening Committees to be constituted separately for Group B, C and D posts as well as Group ‘A’ posts, as prescribed in the above OM’s.


2. In this connection, all the Ministries/Departments that have already convened the Screening Committee meetings and are yet to furnish the following information, are requested to forward the same to this Department immediately  :-

  1. Minutes of the Screening Committee Meetings.

  2. Details of posts abolished as a result of decision taken in the Screening Committee meeting.  (Please enclose copy of relevant OM’s by which posts have been abolished).

  3. Present status of action taken on various other decisions taken in the Screening Committee meeting.

3. It may be noted for future also that as and when minutes of the Screening Committee meetings are finalized or any OM abolishing posts is issued, a copy of the same should invariably be endorsed to DoPT also.


4. It has also been noticed that proposals of Annual Direct Recruitment Plans, both  for consideration of Screening committes for Group B, C, D vacancies as also proposals for consideration of the Screening Committee for Group 'A' posts, are formulated in a piece-meal manner.  In other words, Ministries/Departments often put up proposals for consideration of respective Screening Committees, pertaining to only one or a few organisations under their charge, in isolation, on grounds of administrative convenience/exigency.  It is clarified that holding piece-meal screening Committee meetings are not envisaged in the DOPT OMs cited above.  There should be one Screening Committee meeting, under the Chairmanship of the concerned Secretary in various Ministries/Departments, which should comprehensively consider all Direct Recruitment vacancies, arising in the recruitment year under review for Group B, C, and D vacancies.  Similarly proposals for Group 'A' posts should also be formulated comprehensively in respect of all the offices/organisations coming under the administrative control of respective Secretaries in the Ministries/Departments.  It may be noted that it shall not be possible to convene Screening Committee meetings to consider part or piece-meal proposals.


5.  Status of the progress in the matter may be conveyed to DOPT by 30.11.2002  positively.

(Vidhu Kashyap)
Director (JCA)
PH : 23092589


(i)                All Ministries/Departments of the Government of India
(as per standard list).

(ii)               All Financial Advisors (by name)



List of Ministry/Department

1.                       Department of Culture

2.                       Ministry of Defence (Civilian)

3.                       Department of Education

4.                       Ministry of External Affairs

5.                       Ministry of Home Affairs

6.                       Indian Audit and Accounts Department

7.                       Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

8.                       Ministry of Railways

9.                       Department of Revenue

10.                     Department of Expenditure

11.                     Deptt. of Agriculture Research and Education (DARE)

12.                     Department of Atomic Energy.

13.                     Department of Bio-Technology

14.                     Ministry of Civil Aviation

15.                     Department of Electronics

16.                     Ministry of Environment and Forests.

17.                     Industrial Policy and Promotion

18.                     Ministry of Labour

19.                     Department of Tourism

20.                     Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports

21.                     Cabinet Secretariat

22.                     President Secretariat

23.                     Prime Minister’s Office

24.                     Union Public Service Commission

25.                     Vice-President’s Secretariat

26.                     Department of Mines

27.                     Non-Conventional Energy Sources

28.                     Department of Ocean Development

29.                     Ministry of Power

30.                     Department of Science and Technology

31.                     Department of Space.

32.                     Ministry of Surface and Transport.

33.                     Ministry of Water Resources.

34.                     Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment

35.                     Ministry of Women and Child Development

36.                     Ministry of Chemicals and Petrochemicals

37.                     Department of Coal

38.                     Department of Company Affairs

39.                     Election Commission

40.                     Department of Fertilizers

41.                     Ministry of Food and Publlic Distribution

42.                     Department of Sugar and Edible Oil

43.                     Department of Food Processing Industries

44.                     Department of Heavy Industries

45.                     Ministry of Law and Justice

46.                     Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs

47.                     Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas

48.                     Planning Commission

49.                     Department of Public Enterprises

50.                     Department of SSO Agro and Rural Industries

51.                     Department of Statistics and Programme Implementation

52.                     Ministry of Steel

53.                     Department of Supply

54.                     Department of Tribal Affairs