Government of India

Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions

Department of Personnel and Training

New Delhi – 110 001


Dated September 11, 2003.




Subject:- Optimization of direct recruitment to civil posts : Placing of indents on Recruiting Agencies.


Your attention is invited to the following Office Memoranda issued by the DoPT : -


(i)                 O.M.No.2/8/2001-PIC, dated 16.5.2001

(ii)                O.M.No.2/8/2001-PIC, dated 18.6.2002

(iii)              O.M.No.2/26/2001-PIC, dated 11.9.2002


2.           Para 2.4 of the O.M. dated 16.5.2001 reads as under: -

“The vacancies finally cleared by the Screening Committees will be filled up duly applying the rules for reservation, handicapped, compassionate quotas thereon.  Further, administrative Ministries/Departments/Units would obtain beforehand a No Objection Certificate from the Surplus Cell of the Department of Personnel and Training/Director General, Employment and Training, that suitable personnel are not available for appointment against the posts meant for direct recruitment and only thereafter place indents for Direct Recruitment.  Recruiting agencies would also not accept any indents, which are not accompanied by a certificate indicating that the same has been cleared by the concerned Screening Committee and that suitable personnel are not available with the Surplus Cell.


3.            Para 2(v) of the O.M. dated 18.6.2002 reads as under: -

“The indents sent to recruiting agencies should be accompanied by a certificate, from the concerned Ministry, stating that the indent is being placed after scrutiny of all Direct Recruitment vacancies and enforcing a cut as per procedure envisaged in the DoPT OM dated 16.5.2001.


 In addition to this, a ‘No Objection Certificate’ should also be obtained from the Surplus Cell of DoPT (now designated as Division of Retraining and Redeployment) and annexed to the indent.


The indent, not accompanied by the above certificates, should not be accepted by the recruiting agencies.”


4.         Para 2(v) of the O.M. dated 11.9.2002 reads as under: -

“It may also be noted that other conditions as prescribed in the DoPT OM’s of even number dated 16.5.2001 and 18.6.2002 will be equally applicable for Group A  proposals.”


5.         UPSC and other recruiting agencies have stated that in many instances, the indents placed on them are not accompanied by the mandatory certificates, indicating the clearance of the vacancies by the appropriate Screening Committee, as well as enclosing of a ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the Surplus Cell.


6.         The entire issue of holding of Screening Committee meetings has been recently reviewed by the Cabinet Secretariat and unhappiness has been expressed at the delays in holding of Screening Committee meetings, as well as submitting of incomplete indents (without the mandatory certificates) to the recruiting agencies.  DoPT has, therefore, been directed to reiterate and convey the following : -


(i)         All Ministries/Departments should immediately review and convene the Screening Committee meetings, if they have not been held so far.


(ii)       Screening Committee meetings should be held timely, so that indents are placed on the recruiting agencies well in time and no dislocation is caused to the Examination Schedules of the recruiting agencies.


(iii)      Cabinet Secretariat has also desired that responsibility may be fixed in cases where Screening Committee meetings have not been held on time or incomplete indents have been placed on recruiting agencies.  In order to apprise the Cabinet Secretariat, this may be intimated to this Department before 26.9.2003.


7.         In view of the above, all Ministries/Department are advised to immediately review the position regarding holding of Screening Committee meetings.  If there is a backlog of meetings, the same may be cleared without delay.  Advance action should also be taken to hold the Screening Committee meeting for the forthcoming recruitment year.


8.         It may also be ensured that when the Annual Direct Recruitment Plan (ADRP) is prepared for consideration of the Screening Committee, the figures should be vetted by the Financial Advisers of the Ministries.


9.         It is again clarified that since necessary operational flexibility has already been provided in the DoPT O.M’s, no request seeking exemption/relaxation from the provisions of the above O.M’s will be entertained.


(Vidhu Kashyap)

Director (JCA)

PH : 23092589



    1.               All Ministries/Departments to the Government of India

     (as per standard distribution list)

    2.          Chairman, RRB, SSC, UPSC and C&AG