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Dated 20th January, 2004.





Optimisation of Direct Recruitment to Civilian Posts : Placing of indents on Recruiting Agencies.


Reference:     (i)     DoPT O.M. No.7/3/2003-PIC dated 11th September, 2003.

(ii)        DoPT O.M. No.2/26/2001-PIC dated 11th September, 2002.

(iii)       DoPT O.M. No.2/8/2001-PIC dated 18th June, 2002.

(iv)       DoPT O.M. No.2/8/2001-PIC dated 16th May, 2001.


            It may, with regard to the above references, please be recalled that, vide DoPT O.M. No.7/3/2003-PIC dated 11th September, 2003, it was advised that, consequent to a review by the Cabinet Secretariat, all Ministries/Departments were required to immediately convene Meetings of the Screening Committee (if they had not already held the same) in order that delays did not occur in placing of indents on Recruiting Agencies.  It was also advised that, in the event of the Screening Committee Meetings not being held on time, the responsibility for the same should be fixed; the position, in this behalf, was to be communicated to the DoPT before 26th September, 2003.


2.         It is, however, learnt from the UPSC’s D.O. letter dated 10th December, 2003, that some Ministries/Departments have placed indents on the UPSC for filling up Group ‘A’ posts without obtaining the clearance from the appropriate Screening Committee.


3.         On review of the position, it has been decided that any indent placed on the UPSC after 1st September, 2003 (without obtaining the clearance of the appropriate Screening Committee) will be reduced to one third of the posts indented, by the UPSC.  The concerned Ministry / Department will also be required to determine responsibility for this lapse and urgently convey the position to the DopT for further transmission to the Cabinet Secretary.


4.         The UPSC have also advised that several Ministries have placed indents, prior to 1st September, 2003, for the following Examinations, without obtaining the clearance from the Screening Committee Meetings:-


(i) Civil Services Examination, 2003
(ii)  Engineering Services Examination, 2003
(iii)   Combined Medical Services Examination, 2003
(iv) SCRA Examination, 2003
(v) Geologists’ Examination, 2003
(vi)  IES/ISS Examination, 2003
(vii) Combined Medical Services Examination, 2004


5.         Since considerable process of recruitment would have already taken place against these indents, it has been decided not to reduce the same at this stage.  While the UPSC would be accepting the indent for the above Examinations, as a special case, it should be ensured that the Screening Committee Meetings pertaining to all outstanding Annual Direct Recruitment Plans (including the above) be held immediately (if not already held) and corresponding reduction may be effected in the Group B, C and D cadres, commensurate with the excess recruitment resorted to in Group ‘A’ posts, in the above indents.  In addition to the above, the entire backlog of Screening Committee Meetings should also be cleared within one month and a compliance report sent to the address of Shri S.Chandrasekaran, Joint Secretary(E), Department of Personnel and Training, North Block, New Delhi.


6.         It is further advised that where the UPSC have reduced the indent of a Ministry / Department to one third of the vacancies indented, on account of the Screening Committee Meeting not being held, the revised community-wise break up should be furnished to the UPSC, on the reduced indent, without delay, in order that no dislocation is caused to the recruitment process.



Vidhu Kashyap






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