MHA O.M.No.6/3/55-CS(A) dated 30.6.55

Subject: Appointment of personal staff of Ministers and Deputy Ministers.

As Ministries are aware, appointments, of posts of Private Secretary and other personal staff of Ministers and Deputy Ministers are made either from outsiders or from officers belonging to organised Services. There have been complaints recently that members of organised services are promoted out-of-turn as private secretaries, without due regard to their position in the parent cadre. This has naturally given rise to a feeling of discontent and legitimate grievance on the part of officers working in cadre posts. From the point of view of service morale, therefore, it is necessary to lay down, as a general principle, that if Ministers and Deputy Ministers choose members of their personal staff from amongst officers of organised services, the pay and status of such officers should confirm to their positions in the respective services. There is, of course, nothing to prevent Ministers and Deputy Ministers from selecting outsiders in which case their pay and status will depend on the value of the post they held and on their suitability.

2. The Ministry of Finance etc. are, therefore, requested to ensure that whenever proposals for appointments to posts on the personal staff of Ministers and Deputy Ministers are considered, the principle annunciated in para 1 above is invariably followed.