DP&T D.O. No. 8/4/97-CS.II dated 23rd July, 1997.

This is in continuation of this Department’s O.M.No.8/1/97-CS.II dated 20.1.1997 (copy attached) wherein applicability of the various rules to the personal staff of Ministers appointed on co-terminus basis was intimated. Instances have come to the notice of this Department that provisions of the above mentioned circular have not been complied with and persons have been appointed on the personal staff Ministers without completing the pre-appointment formalities like medical examination and verification of character and antecedents, etc. Lapses of this nature on the part of the administrative Ministries, etc. lead to embarrassment to the Government.

2. In this connection, I would also like to draw your kind attention to this Office O.M.No.8/3/92-CS.II dated 14.1.1994 wherein all the facilities regarding engagement of personal staff of Ministers have been complied. I will be grateful if necessary steps are taken to ensure that the provisions of these O.Ms are followed in letter and spirit and for this purpose it would be useful if a senior officer, of the rank at least of Joint Secretary, is made responsible for bringing the relevant rules/instructions in this regard to the notice of the incoming Ministers as soon as he assumes the office.