DoP&T O.M.No.8/7/89-CS.II Dated 7.6.89


Scale of personal staff of Ministers/Deputy Ministers - Entitlement.

In continuation of this Department O.M. No. 8/5/85-CS.II dated 4.4.85 and No. 8/6/86-CS.II dated 4.6.87 laying down the scales of entitlement of various categories of personal staff to Ministers and Deputy Ministers, the undersigned is directed to say that situations arise when a Deputy Minister is given charge of an another Ministry/ Department in addition to his original charge due to various reasons and that he is required to function from two different locations. It has been decided that in such a situation, the Deputy Minister who holds the additional portfolio may be allowed to have the following staff in addition to the scale of personal staff prescribed in the above referred office Memoranda, for the additional charge

1. P. A. 1

2. Peon : 1

2 . This supersedes this Department O.M. of even number dated 30.5.89 and issues with the concurrence of the Ministry of Finance vide their U.O.No. G.11019/21/88-EG.1 dated 4.5.89.