D.P. & A.R. O.M. No. 10/5/78-CS.II Dated 15-2-78


Personal staff of Ministers-Creation of posts in excess of the prescribed scale.

In continuation of this Department's O.M. No. 10/53/77-CS. 11, dated 3-2-1978, the undersigned is directed to say that instances have come to the notice of this Department where the Ministries/Departments have resorted to ad-hoc creation of posts outside the normal entitlement of Ministers without following the prescribed procedure of obtaining prior approval of the Ministry of Finance and this Department. In some cases, even appointments have been made in such posts. Sanctioning of posts in this manner and filling them before obtaining concurrence of the Ministry of Finance and this Department creates administrative difficulties. It is, therefore, brought to the notice of the Ministries/Departments that the prescribed procedure should be strictly followed in creating posts outside the normal entitlement/ making appointments in additional posts proposed to be created on the personal staff of Ministers and that no posts should be created, nor appointments thereto made on ad-hoc basis pending approval of Ministry of Finance and this Department.