DoP&T O.M. No. 10/53/77-CS.II dated the 3rd February, 1978.


Scale of Personal Staff of Ministers/Deputy Ministers.

The undersigned is directed to invite the attention of the Ministries/Departments to the Ministry of Home Affairs O.M.No. 20/l/62-CS (B) dated the 27th June, 1962 (Copy enclosed for ready reference), on the above subject and to say that whenever new Ministers are appointed, Ministries/Departments of the Govt. of India have been authorised to create on their personal staff posts of various grades as shown in the statement enclosed therewith. Such posts are to be continued by the Ministries/Departments as long as the Ministers concerned hold office and are to be treated as automatically abolished on their demitting office. In other words, the posts created on the personal staff of the Ministers are co-terminus with the tenure of the Ministers.

2. It has come to the notice of this Department that in some instances when Ministers are given charge of two or more Departments, all or some of the posts included in the scale of entitlement, as indicated in the statement attached to the O.M. of 27th June, 1962, have been created on their personal staff separately by more than one of those Departments. This is irregular and contrary to the intention of the orders prescribing the scale of entitlement of personal staff of various grades for the Ministers. It is clarified that only one set of posts included in the statement attached to the O.M. of 27.6.1962 can be created for the same Minister in respect of all the Departments placed under his charge. However, there is no objection to some of such posts being created in one Department and the remaining in another Department under the charge of the Minister. Any posts in excess of those included in the scale, can be sanctioned only with the prior approval of the Ministry of Finance and this Department.

3. Proposals for creation of such additional posts should be referred by the Ministries/Departments concerned to the Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure), along with full justification therefor. After examination, the Ministry of Finance will obtain the concurrence of this Department before communicating approval to the Ministry/Department concerned.