DoP&T O.M. No. 13/19/83-CS.II dated the 2nd December, 1983


Appointment of Staff Car Drivers on the personal staff of Ministers.

In the 35th Ordinary meeting of the Department Council of. the Department of Personnel and Administrative 'Reforms held on the lst and 2nd June, 1983 the Staff side pointed out that the posts of staff Car Drivers are not borne on the personal staff of the Ministers and as such Staff Car Drivers fell outside the categories of the discretionary appointments by the Ministers. The Staff Side therefore insisted that the Practice of appointing Staff Car Drivers from outside should be discontinued.

2. The matter was discussed at length and it was decided that the Staff Car Drivers may be provided to Ministers for official cars from the cadre of the Staff Car Drivers borne on the strength of the Ministries/Departments concerned, and that appointment of Drivers from outside for official Cars of Ministers may be avoided