DoP&T O.M. No. 31/22/90-EO (MM) Dated the 13th August, 1990.


Private Secretaries to Ministers-Policy with regard to tenure and other conditions of appointments.

The undersigned is directed to say that a need for reviewing the existing policy regarding appointments of Private Secretaries to Ministers, particularly their tenure and other conditions of appointments was felt and the government has accordingly reviewed the existing policy. As a result, the following decisions have been taken: -

  1. Appointments to the post of private Secretary to Ministers, Ministers of State, and Deputy Ministers should not be above the rank of Director in the Government of India (scale of pay Rs. 4500-5700). The question as to what scale of pay should be allowed to an officer would be decided keeping in view his eligibility for Central deputation in the rank of Under Secretary, Deputy Secretary or Director, as the case may be.
  2. A private secretary's tenure would be three years or until he ceases to be a Private Secretary, whichever is earlier.
  3. On completion of his term as Private Secretary, an officer would be entitled to continue, unless there are other reasons for his not being so appointed, at the appropriate level in the Ministry, for the balance period of the normal tenure of the central deputation. In this respect, no distinction would be made between officers picked from the 'offer list' prepared by the Establishment Officer or directly from the cadre. Appointment at the appropriate level will be subject to availability of vacancy and approval by the competent authority in each case.
  4. An officer appointed as a Private Secretary in relaxation of the normal 'cooling off' rules, where such relaxation exceeded period of six months, would be entitled to hold office for a maximum period of three years or till he ceases to hold the post of Private Secretary, whichever is earlier, and he would not be entitled to any further tenure.
  5. Officers of the central secretariat service appointed as Private Secretaries to Ministers would be exempt from the rule of rotation of CSS officers on promotion, in the event of their being promoted while serving as Private Secretaries. On their ceasing to post of Private Secretary, they would, however, have to move to a department other than the one in which they had gained experience as a Deputy Secretary.

2. The above decisions are hereby brought to the notice of all Ministries/Departments for information and necessary action.