No.10/3/2004-CS.II (Pt. VII)

Government of India

Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions

Department of Personnel and Training


Lok Nayak Bhavan, Khan Market, New Delhi

Dated the 28th October, 2005




Subject: - Cadre Structure of Central Secretariat Stenographers’ Service (CSSS) – Scale of personal staff of Secretaries/Special Secretaries, Additional Secretaries, Joint Secretaries etc.


The undersigned is directed to say that the Government had set up a ‘Group of Officers’ on Cadre Structure of Central Secretariat Stenographers’ Service (CSSS), which submitted its’ report in February, 2004.  The recommendations of the ‘Group of Officers’ were considered by the Government and it has, inter alia, been decided to revise the entitlement of various categories of officers, to whom  secretarial/stenographic assistance is provided from CSSS, as indicated below: -




Category of Officers

Category of Staff



Secretary/Special Secretary/

Additional Secretary to

Govt. of India and

officers of equivalent rank

working in the Ministries/

Departments of Govt. of India

(i)  Sr. Principal Private

     Secretary (Sr. PPS)

    (Rs.12000-16500); or

    Principal Private

    Secretary (PPS)

    (Rs.10000-15200); and


(ii) Steno. Grade ‘C’ (PA)

     of  CSSS (Rs.5500-9000)










Joint Secretary to Govt. of

India and Officers of

equivalent rank working

in the Ministries/Departments of

Govt. of India

Steno. Grade ‘A’ & ‘B’

(Merged) (PS)




Director/Deputy Secretary &

officers of equivalent rank:-


(i) working in the Ministries/

     Departments of Govt. of India



(ii) working in other participating

      attached offices of CSSS     




Steno. Grade ‘A’ & ‘B’

(Merged) (PS)



Steno. Gr. ‘C’ (PA)












Under Secretary & Officers

of equivalent rank


(i) working in the Ministries/

     Departments of Govt. of India



(ii) working in other participating/

      attached offices (of CSSS)      




Stenographer Grade ‘C’

(PA) of CSSS



Steno. Gr. ‘C’ (PA)

(Rs. 5500-9000)










01 each for two officers,


01 for each officer    


Desk Officer

Stenographer Grade ‘D’





Section Officer

Stenographer Grade ‘D’



As prescribed in MHA

O.M. No. 14/1/66-CS-II

dt. 23.4.66 (copy attached)



2.         The above norms laying down the level of secretarial/stenographic assistance admissible to Officers may be operated flexibly as per the administrative exigencies by making suitable adjustments by the Ministries/Departments within the refixed strength of different grades of the Central Secretariat Stenographers’ Service (CSSS). 


Encl. As above.                                                                                                     



Under Secretary to Govt. of India

Tele. No. 24623157





            All CSSS cadre authorities


MHA O.M.NO.F.14/1/66-CS.II, dated 23rd April, 1966



       Stenographic assistance to section officers in conventional sections.


            Section Officers in Conventional Sections are not, at present eligible for stenographic assistance.  Also, Ministries/Departments are not competent to convert more than two posts of lower division clerks into those of steno-typists, vide Ministry of Finance O.M. No.11(28)-Estt.III/59, dated the 7th April, 1960. Some Ministries have, in the recent past, expressed the view that, to ensure quick and efficient work, selected section officers in conventional sections should be provided with stenographic assistance.  The question was considered in this Ministry in consultation with the Department of Administrative Reforms and the Ministry of Finance.


2.         As the decided trend is towards an officer oriented staffing pattern, for which progressively larger numbers of Section Officers will be required to function with stenographic assistance, their previous experience in the use of such assistance while in conventional sections would give Section Officers greater confidence and would thus facilitate the introduction of an Officer-oriented system in due course. The need for stenographic assistance would, however, have to be related to the nature of work done in the conventional sections; for example such assistance would hardly be fully utilized in housekeeping sections.  Also, not all Section Officers are capable of taking full advantage of such assistance.


3.                  It has, therefore, been decided that: -


(a)                Stenographic assistance to section officers may be allowed in individual cases upto a limit of 20% of the total number of section officers in a Ministry/Department other than those engaged in internal house-keeping activities and those already working on an officer oriented pattern.


* (b)     in sections where steno-typists are posted to assist  section officers, a post of dealing hand, i.e., an assistant or an upper division clerk, should be surrendered.


(c)      the process of selecting officers for the grant of this facility should involve-


(i)               listing the sections were the nature of work would justify introduction such a system; and                                                                                                             

(ii)             checking whether the officer holding charge of one of these sections, on the basis of his personal ability or experience, will be able to use stenographic assistance advantageously.


(d)            the decision to grant this facility in an individual case should be taken at a level not lower than the Joint Secretary having charge over “administration” in consultation with the Joint Secretary of the division concerned.


In no case should the number of steno-typists permitted exceed the prescribed limit of 20% mentioned in sub-para (a).


4         Ministry of Finance etc. are requested to keep the above instructions in view while sanctioning stenographic assistance to section officers.


* Please see O.M.No.15/1/76-CS.II dated 15.1.77 (copy enclosed).

DP&AR O.M.NO.15/1/76-CS.II, dated 15th Jan., 1977.


Stenographic assistance to Section Officers in conventional Sections.

The undersigned is directed to refer to the Ministry of Home Affairs’ O.M. No.14/1/66-CS.II, dated 23rd April, 1966, on the above subject (copy enclosed for ready reference) which inter-alia provides in para 3(b) thereof that in the sections where steno-typists (now Grade ‘D’ Stenographers) are posted to assist Section Officers, a post of a dealing hand, i.e. an Assistant or an Upper Division Clerk, should be surrendered. This provision was the subject matter of discussions in the meeting of the Departmental Council of the Department of Personnel and administrative Reforms held on 2-4-76, on the basis of a Staff-Side item in the Agenda. It was decided to remit the matter to a Committee of the Council. The Committee has since submitted its report which has been adopted by the Departmental Council at its meeting held on 19-11-1976. On the basis of the conclusion recorded in the report of the Committee, it has been decided to amend para 3(b) of the Ministry of Home Affairs (now Department of Personnel & AR) O.M. No.14/1/66-CS.II dated the 23rd April, 1966 as follows, namely-

"Stenographers may be provided to the Section Officers after a study of the work-load of the Section and Subject to matching savings being located in the Section."