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Department of Personnel & Training


                 3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhavan, Khan Market,

               New Delhi,  Dated the 31st  July, 2006




Subject: Promotion of Assistants as Section Officer of Central Secretariat Service (CSS)

               on  ad-hoc basis.


            The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department’s O.M. No. 21/61/2005-CS-I, dated 25.10.2005 on the subject mentioned above and to say that on the basis of vacancies furnished by the Cadres in the grade of Section Officers, after issue of Select List -2003 for seniority quota and Select List 2004 for DE quota, it has been decided to make promotion of Assistants of CSS of Select List  1991 to the Section Officers grade on ad-hoc basis based on their seniority.  As far as possible officers are to be retained in their own cadres as per CSL subject to availability of vacancies.  The names of the surplus officers with their rank in SCSL in the cadres may be intimated for nomination to other cadres where vacancies are available in the S.O. Grade.  The officers who are on the verge of retirement, may be accommodated in the same cadre to the possible extent. 


2.         The Assistants of SL-1991 upto SCSL No. 269 may be appointed as Section Officer on ad-hoc basis, initially for the period upto 31.12.2006 only, after assessing their suitability for promotion by screening the records (ACR) of the officers by the appointing authorities and also after ensuring that no vigilance case is either pending or being contemplated against them.  Those who are already continuing in the grade of Section Officer on ad-hoc basis in the same cadre/Ministry need not be assessed again if they are clear from vigilance angle.  The ad-hoc promotion/appointment is subject to following conditions.


i)                    The ad-hoc appointments shall not confer on the appointees any right to continue in the grade indefinitely or for inclusion in the Select List for regular appointment or to claim seniority in the Selection Officers grade of CSS;


ii)                   The ad-hoc arrangements may continue till regular candidates in Section Officer Grade are available either through Seniority quota and/or Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LDCE).  In the event of the ad-hoc appointees not qualifying for regular appointment in either of these two categories, they will be reverted to the Assistants’ Grade on availability of such regular officers, from  the date they  (regular Section Officer) join duty in their respective cadre allotted to them by this Department;


iii)                 Status quo in respect of ad-hoc Section Officers irrespective of their seniority in D/o Agriculture & Coopn. & D/o IPP of whose applications are pending in the Hon’ble CAT (PB) [O.A. No. 1285/2006 & O.A No. 1344/2006 respectively], is to be maintained till further orders/directions of the Hon’ble Tribunal.


3.         As mentioned in para 3(iii) of this Department’s O.M. No. 4/2/2005-CS-II dated 1st May, 2006 it is reiterated that all ad-hoc promotions of Section Officers of the Select List year (beyond Serial No. 269 of SCSL-1991) wherever made by the cadres on the basis of cadre seniority except in case of ST candidates of 1994 SL, should not be extended any further for any reason whatsoever and be discontinued from the date of issue of this O.M. or completion of one year of ad-hoc appointments whichever is later.  Cadres are also requested to review the vacancy position in Section Officer’s Grade in the light of the recent appointment of Section Officers on regular and ad-hoc basis and report the resultant vacancies/surplus (if any) in Section Officers Grade to this Department immediately for filling up on ad-hoc basis on the basis of the Common Seniority List (CSL) of Assistants, and in no case later 1st September 2006.


4.         If any of the Officers shown in the list is on deputation, he/she may be given the option to revert within one month with a view to avail of the promotion. 


5.         All cadre authorities are requested to take urgent action to issue the promotion orders as per procedures laid down in paras 2 & 3 above.  A copy of the appointment order containing name, date of birth and seniority number in the Select List, so issued be endorsed to this Department for record.


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