Government of India

Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions

(Department of Personnel & Training)

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3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan,

New Delhi-110003, dated October 13th ,2003




Sub:   Ad-hoc appointment from the Grade of Assistant to the Grade of Section Officer .



            As the Ministry of Agriculture, etc. are aware this Department has issued instructions vide D.O.No.5/12/93-CS.I dated 10.2.94, inter alia, permitting the cadres to make ad-hoc arrangement by promoting Assistants on officiating basis to the post of Section Officers upto a period of six months.  It was also indicated that continuance of further ad-hoc arrangement, beyond six months should be allowed only with the prior approval of this Department.


2.         The question of further delegating powers in this regard to the  Cadres has been engaging the attention of this Ministry.  It has now been decided that cadres may make ad-hoc arrangement in the matter of officiating promotion from the grade of Assistant to the grade of Section Officer of CSS for a period not exceeding one year, subject to the following:-


(i)                 The Cadres should ensure that the ad-hoc arrangements are limited to only those posts, which cannot be kept vacant till the availability of regular candidates.  Otherwise, as far as possible, efforts should be made by the cadres to allocate  supervisory role to some other SOs  through internal adjustments.  Accordingly, continuance of ad-hoc arrangement, beyond one year should be resorted to by the cadres in exceptional cases in public interest.


(ii)               Any proposal for continuance of ad-hoc appointment beyond one year should be visualized in advance and such proposal should be sent to this Department atleast two months in advance of continuance of further ad-hoc arrangement.


(iii)             While sending the proposal, full details should be given indicating the vacancies reported to the DOP&T and the status of posting against the said vacancies, with reference to which the arrangement is proposed to be continued.  While furnishing this information, the names of the Assistants, and the date from which they have been continuously officiating as S.Os. on ad-hoc basis should also be furnished.


(iv)              The vacancies in the grade of S.O. should be promptly reported and these should, inter alia, include all vacancies caused by deputation, long term leave, training, etc., which are likely to continue beyond one year.



3.         In the light of aforesaid instructions, quarterly report regarding ad-hoc appointment from Assistant to S.O. as indicated in this Department’s d.o. letter dated 10.2.94 is no longer necessary and may be discontinued.




(Devki Nandan Gupta)

Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of India




            All Cadre Authorities of CSS.