No. 28/16/2004-EO(SM.II)

Government of India

Department of Personnel & Training

Office of Establishment Officer



New Delhi, the  15th  December, 2004.





Subject : Timely submission of proposals, requiringapproval of the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC).

Attention of all Ministries/Departments is invited to Cabinet Secretaryís DO letter No.9/10/2004-CS(A) dated 14.7.2004 and this Departmentísletter No.27(27)EO/92(ACC) dated 5.10.2004, reiterating the need for timely submission of proposals, requiringapproval of the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC).

2.†††††††† One of the areas, where delays are taking place, are DPC based proposals, for empanelment of officers for promotion to the grade of Rs. 18,400-22,400/- and above, which require the approval of the ACC.

3.†††††††† In this connection, attention is invited to the consolidated instructions on DPC, circulated vide†† DOP&Tís OM No.22011/5/86-Estt.D dated 10.4.89, which, inter alia, provides that DPCs should be convenedat regular intervals to draw uppanels which could be utilized for effecting promotions/againstvacancies occurring during the course of a given year. These instructions enjoin upon the concerned authorities to initiate action to fill up the existing as well as anticipated vacancies well before the expiry of the previous panel, by collecting relevant documents like seniority lists, ACRs, integrity certificates, etc. for placing before the DPCs.

4.†††††††† Further, with a view to ensuring thatDPCs are convened not only in time but also sufficiently in advance, so that empanelled officers may be posted against vacancies that may arise during the course of the vacancy year, a model calendar was prescribed vide DoPTís OM No.22011/9/98-Estt.D dated 8.9.98.

5.††††††††††† According to the model calendar, action for conveningthe DPCs in cases requiring approval of the ACC, should beinitiatedat leasteight and a half months before the commencement of the vacancy year and thatDPCís should be held at least four months before the commencement of the vacancy year.The above model calendar thus provides one month for post DPC follow up action by the administrative Ministry/Department and the final three months period, prior to the commencement of the vacancy year, for approval of the ACC.

6.†††††††† Despite issue of the above instructions, instances continue to come to the notice of the ACC, where DPCs have not been held in time, due to improper planning andlack of prompt administrative action. Delayed promotions not only result in considerable frustration amongst officials, they also adversely affect their morale.

7.†††††††† It has, also, been noticed that DPC based proposals requiring approval of the ACC, are received very late.To illustrate the point, for the vacancy year 2004-2005, DPCís should have been held between July and November, 2003 and proposals for consideration of the ACC, should have been submitted in January, 2004. This is rarely the case and DPCís, for the vacancy year 2004-05, are still being convened - some even in the current month. The above delay not only results in delayed promotions, but also results in eligible officers retiring from service withoutavailing the benefit of promotion, for no fault on their part.

8.†††††††† The ACC, while takingadverse view of such delays, has in some cases ordered fixing responsibility.

9.†††††††† In view of the above, it is requested that effective steps are taken to ensure that the model calendar for DPCís are put in place immediately and advance planning is done, not only for the vacancies arising in the vacancy year 2004-2005, but also for the vacancy years 2005-2006 and 2006-2007, so that panels are prepared in time and that the extant orders on the subject are followed, both in letter and spirit.

10.††††††† Kindly acknowledge receipt of this communication.


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(Badal K. Das)

                                                                                              Additional Secretary & Establishment Officer


Copy to all Secretaries to the Govt. of India