No. 12/9/94-JCA
Ministry of Personnel, PG and Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
North Block, New Delhi


January 14, 1998.



Reduction in Casual Leave entitlement and various recommendations of the Fifth Pay Commission in respect of number of holiday/working week etc.

        In the light of the various recommendations of Fifth Central Pay Commission contained in Chapter 118 of the Report relating to Hours of Work and Holidays etc., the following decisions have been taken by the Government.

2.     WORKING WEEK: It has been decided to continue the five-day-week working system introduced since June, 1985 in the civil administrative offices of Government of India. Departments whose functions are pre-dominantly marked by public dealings or of commercial nature and at present are functioning on 5-dy-week basis, will review the existing arrangements and switch over to 6-day-week wherever feasible. Action taken in this regard will be reported to this Ministry within the next four months.

3.     HOLIDAYS: The existing system of holidays will continue. No holiday shall, however, be declared in the event of death of any person other then the incumbent President of India or the incumbent Prime Minister of India. Suitable orders in this regard have already been issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs vide O.M. No. 3/2/97-Public dated 21.11.1997.

4.     CASUAL LEAVE ENTITLEMENT: It has also been decided to reduce with effect from 1st January, 1998 the number of days of Casual Leave for Central Government employees from the existing 12 days to 8 days in a year. Various Departments may also effect corresponding reduction with effect from 1st January, 1998 where the Casual Leave entitlement for certain categories is higher than 12 under intimation to this Ministry.

5.    All Ministries/Departments may bring the above decision to the notice of all concerned under their administrative control and ensure compliance with these instructions.

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1.    All Ministries/Departments of Government of India.

2.    UPSC/CVC/C&AG/Supreme Court/High Court/Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha                 
       Sectt./President’s Sectt./PM’s Office/Central Administrative Tribunals/National  
       Commission for SCs/STs.

3.    All attached/subordinate offices of Ministry of Personnel, PG & Pensions.

4.    All Sections/Officers in Department of Personnel & Training/MHA.

5.   Secretary, Staff Side, National Council (JCM), 13-C,
      Ferozeshah Road, New Delhi (10 spare copies).

6.  Chairman/Secretaries, Central Govt. Employees Welfare Coordination Committee.

7.  All Staff Side Members of the National Council (JCM).

8.   Chief Secretaries to all the State Govts./UTs.

9.   Prasar Bharati, Mandi House, New Delhi.