No. 15020/4/80-Estt. (Allowances)
Government of India/ Bharat Sarkar
Ministry of Home Affairs/ Grih Mantralaya
Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms
(Karmik Aur Prashasnik Sudhar Vighag

New Delhi, the 23 December, 1982


Subject:- Overtime Allowance to Chauffeurs of Staff Cars- Revision of rates.

The undersigned is directed to say that the President is pleased to decide as follows:-

(i) In replacement of the existing rates of Overtime Allowance admissible to the Chauffeurs of Staff Cars as indicated in Rule 26 of the Staff Car Rules, the revised rates of Overtime Allowance of Chauffeurs of Staff Cars will be as follows:-

Emoluments as defined in Note-1 of Rule 26 Rates of Overtime Allowance per hour:-

Upto first one hour Thereafter

Below Rs. 575 Nil Rs. 4.30
Rs.575 and above but below Rs.625 Nil Rs. 4.50
Below Rs.625 and above but Rs.675 Nil Rs. 4.90
Rs. 675 and above but below Rs. 725 Nil Rs. 5.25
Rs. 725 and above but below Rs. 775 NilNil Rs. 5.60
Rs. 775 and above but below Rs. 825 Nil Rs. 6.00
Rs. 825 and above but below Rs.875 Nil Rs 6.40
Rs. 875 and above but below Rs. 925 Nil Rs. 6.75
Rs. 925 and above Nil Rs. 6.95

(ii) In place of the existing ceiling indicated in Note 9 below Rule 26 of the Staff Car Rules, the ceiling in respect of Overtime Allowance payable to chauffeurs of Staff Cars will be 100 hours in a month and not more than 8 hours per day on Sunday/ Holidays and 6 hours on working days. The Overtime work performed on all days, including Sundays/ holidays, in a month will be taken into account for working out the ceiling.

(iii) In the case of Chauffeurs of Staff Cars who cannot return to their Headquarters the same day and the journey involves absence of at least one night from their Headquarters, they shall be entitled to draw Daily Allowance as admissible under rules in addition to Overtime Allowance.

2. These orders will take effect from the date of issue.

3. In so far as the persons serving in the Indian Audit and Accounts Department are concerned, this issues in consultation with the C. & A.G. of India.


(C.V. Srinivasan)


All Ministries/ Departments (as per the standard list)

Copy (with spare copies as per standard endorsement) forwarded to:-

1. Comptroller and Auditor General of India, New Delhi

2. Shri DD Bhagwala, Senior Personnel and Executive Officer, Lok Sabha Secretariat, New Delhi.

3. Supreme Court of India, New Delhi.

4. All State Governments and Union Territory Administrations

5. Central Vigilance Commission, New Delhi.

6. Commission for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.

7. Secretary, Staff Side, National Council, 9-Ashoka Road, New Delhi

8. All Members of the Staff Side of the National Council of JCM

9. Indian Red Cross Society