No. 14015\2\97-Estt.(L)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel ,P.G. Pension
(Department of Personnel & Training)

New Delhi ,the 31st December , 1997.


Subject :- Recommendation of the Fifth Central Pay Commission regarding conversion / commutation of one kind of leave into another.

The undersigned is directed to say that under the provisions of Rule 10 of the CCS (Leave)_Rules,1972 the authority which granted leave to a Government servant may commute it retrospectively into leave of a different kind which was due and admissible at the time the leave was granted but the Government servant cannot claim such commutation as a matter of right

The fifth Central Pay Commission vide para 117.10 of its Report has recommended that conversion of leave into a different kind of leave may be permitted only if it is applied for within a period of 30 days from the expiry of the spell of leave actually availed of by an employee and no discretion should be allowed to the leave sanctioning authority in this regard.

The said recommendation of the Fifth Pay Commission has been accepted by the Government and the president is pleased to decide that the application of a Government servant for commutation of one kind of leave into another may be considered as per the provisions of Rule 10 of CCS (Leave) Rules 1972 and any other Rule as applicable only if the same has been received by the leave sanctioning authority, or any other authority designated in this behalf, within a period of 30 days of the concerned government servant j joining his duties on the expiry of the relevant spell of leave availed of by him \her .

These orders take effect from the date of issue.

Formal amendment to Rule 10 of the Central Civil Services (Leave) Rules 1972 is being issued separately.

In so far as persons serving in the Indian Audit and Account Department are concerned these order issue in consultation with the Comptroller & Auditor- General of India.

Hindi version is enclosed .

Under Secretary to the Govt. of India


All Ministries/Department of the Government of India etc. etc.