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Date: 19th April, 1999


Counting of past service on mobility of employees from Central /State Government Departments to Central/State Autonomous Bodies -acceptance of belated options for counting of past service.

The concept of counting of past service on mobility of employees from Central Government Departments to Central Autonomous Bodies and vice-versa came into existence vide order issued under DP&AR’ O.M. No.28/10/84-PU dated 29.8.84. The above orders were made applicable to the employees of State Autonomous Bodies moving over to Central Government Department/Central Autonomous bodies and employees of State Government Departments to Central Autonomous bodies and vice-versa vide Department of Pension & Pensioners Welfare O.M. No.28/10/84-P&PW/Vol.II dated the 7th February, 1986 and subsequent orders issued on the dates various State Governments agreed to the reciprocal arrangement. Under the provisions of above orders, employees who were absorbed prior to 31.3.87 were required to exercise option for counting of past service within one year of absorption or within one year of the issue of orders as the case may be. Despite the clear instructions contained in above orders which were widely circulated to all Ministries/Departments, Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare is receiving large number of representations from individual who want to get their past service counted by surrendering pro-rata pensionary benefits already drawn by them although they did not opt for counting of past service within the stipulated time period and the usual excuses are that they were not aware of the orders.

2. Ignorance of Rules could not be an acceptable reason for re-opening of a case after years. It has now been decided that Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare may consider only such selective cases where it is established that the Government orders with regard to options were not circulated to the field formations/offices by the administrative Ministry where applicant had been working. In such cases, administrative Ministry concerned should clearly record a certificate to that effect and also certify that the lapse regarding non-circulation is being investigated and action is being taken by them to fix responsibility. In future, no case relating to exercising of belated options will be considered unless the above condition is met.

3. All the Ministries/Departments are requested to bring the above instructions to the notice of all the offices/field formations working under their administrative control.


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