No 4/2/2005-CS.II

Government of India

Ministry of Personnel, PG & Pensions

Department of Personnel and Training


                                                                  3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhavan

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                                                                                Dated 1st May, 2006




Subject : -  Centralization of Cadre Management of CSS – Ad-hoc promotions made   by  the Cadre Authorities on the basis of Cadre  Seniority - regarding



            The undersigned is directed to invite the attention of the cadre authorities to this Department’s Order No. 21/1/2004-CS-I dated 20-4-2005 and OM Nos. 21/61/2005-CS.I, dated 25-10-2005 and 13-12-2005 on the subject mentioned above.


2.         It has been brought to the notice of this Department that the ad hoc promotions made by the cadre authorities on decentralized basis to the grades of Assistant and Section Officer in terms of the instructions contained in para 2(iv) of this Department’s Order No.21/1/2004-CS-I dated 20-4-2005 has resulted in an anomalous situation wherein juniors in some cadres were promoted on ad hoc basis against the available vacancies, while in some other cadres, seniors could not be promoted due to non-availability of vacancies. This has caused a great deal of dissatisfaction among the affected seniors.


3.         The position has been reviewed in this Department in the light of the feedback received from the cadres. In order to maintain uniformity in promotional prospects in these grades, it has been decided that:


(i)         No further ad hoc promotions in the grades of Assistant and Section   Officer would be made on decentralized basis by the Cadres henceforth. However, it may be ensured that the vacancy arising due to retirement (including voluntary retirement), resignation, deputation (irrespective of the fact whether some period has been specified or not) etc., of a regular Assistant/Section Officer should be reported as regular vacancies.  In the case of short-term vacancies arising due to officer proceeding on leave and training, ad hoc appointment must not be made for a period more than two months.   If it is anticipated that the vacancy is likely to continue further, the same should be immediately reported to CS Division and any proposal for extension of ad hoc appointment against such vacancies beyond two months must be referred to CS Division at least one month in advance.  In other words, no ad hoc appointment should be continued beyond two months without the prior concurrence of DOP&T. This may be noted by all Cadre Authorities for strict compliance.

(ii)        Ad hoc promotions of UDCs/Assistants to the next higher grade be continued only in respect of those whose names are included in the Select List years upto 1990.  Further, ad hoc appointments of ST candidates belonging to the Select Lists beyond 1990, made in these grades would also continue till regular candidates become available.

 (iii)      All ad hoc promotions of UDCs/ Assistants of the subsequent Select List years (i.e. beyond 1990) wherever made should not be extended any further for any reason whatsoever, and be discontinued latest before completion of 12 months, reckoned from the date of ad hoc appointment in their respective cadres/grades, as permitted under para 2(iv) of this Department’s Order No. 21/1/2004-CS.I dated 20-4-2005.   The resultant vacancies in these grades should be reported to this Department immediately for filling up on ad hoc basis on the basis of Common Seniority Lists of UDCs and Assistants.

4          Cadre Authorities are requested to take immediate necessary action in this regard and report the vacancies in the grades of Assistant and Section Officer latest by 10th May, 2006 to enable this Department to fill up the same on ad hoc basis from the Common Seniority Lists till such time regular candidates become available through the modes of recruitment prescribed in the CSS Rules, 1962.  All information being furnished may be sent  in the enclosed proforma, on the following e-mail address and a hard copy sent to the undersigned. While sending the e-mail, the subject should clearly mention whether vacancy is for “Assistants” or “Section Officers” Grade and information in respect of each grade be sent in separate sheets.


5.         In the event of non-receipt of information by 10th May, 2006 from the cadre authorities, this Department shall make nominations against the vacancies of Assistant/Section Officer available in various cadres by promoting seniors beyond Select List 1990 on the basis of Common Seniority Lists of UDCs/Assistants.


6.         Receipt of this OM should be acknowledged and compliance reported by             10th May, 2006. This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority.




Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of India

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All Cadre Authorities of CSS


Vacancy position in respect of Assistant/Section Officer as on 1st May, 2006



Name of Cadre.

Sanctioned strength.

Regular incumbents in position

No. of vacancies available..

No. of vacancies filled up by persons upto SL 1990.

No. of vacancies filled up by persons belonging to SL beyond 1990 (year-wise).

No. of vacancies remaining unfilled, if any.